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Stop Stress
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Stop Stress
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Dr Marcel Verheyen
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ISBN-13: 9789080248861
<b>Stress, strain, insomnia, tensions of all kinds? Do these sound familiar? If so, you are one among millions of people who struggle with them</b> <br><br>No wonder stress and the likes are seen as the most significant threats to health and life. To ease the burden, many sufferers turn to sedatives or antidepressants… only to become addicted to them. It is like adding fuel to the flames.<br><br>But what else can you do? A few things which may seem too simple to be true. And yet they work. Did you know that your nervous system can only function correctly if you drink enough water? Do you know the simple positions which can always make you feel relaxed? Do you know how to adjust your eating habits slightly, which will work wonders? And do you know how to help your hyperactive child with virtually no medicine?<br><br>But where can you start? Well, you’ve just made a good start by reading these lines. <i>Stop Stress</i> is the first step leading to relief and yes, recovery. Doctor Marcel Verheyen starts by simply explaining the harm stress does to your body in order to get a better understanding of the numerous resources and hundreds of clear and convenient tips to improve your health and life.<br><br><b>This unique and practical book proves true to its title: Stopping Stress for Good!</b><br><br>EXCERPT<br><br>Everybody knows more or less what stress is. After all, stress is something we all have to deal with. For most of us, the word ‘stress’ brings to mind your typical workaholic executive. Yet everyone is prone to stress, including housewives, manual workers, pensioners, children and even babies. The word stress is mostly used in a negative sense. It evokes disagreeable sensations and suggests an unpleasant state of mind and feelings of nervousness and anxiety. However, this is of course an incomplete picture of what stress actually is.<br><br>ABOUT THE AUTHOR<br><br>A Graduate from the University of Leuven, Belgium, Doctor Marcel Verheyen has acquired a 40-year expertise in medecine and naturopathy. For decades, he has devoted himself to the study of stress and anxiety, and has sought to relieve victims of physical, psychological and social consequences of these modern ailments.<br>Although he has written articles and textbooks on the topic for the medical field, he has also published several books on stress for the general public. The first edition of 'Stop Stress', released in 1995, turned out to be an instant bestseller. Since then, the book has been regularly updated with the latest findings and has thus been reissued.
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