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Sourcebook on EU Competition Law
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Sourcebook on EU Competition Law
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Uitgeverij Larcier
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ISBN-13: 9782804485610
One risks to drown in the flood of ever more regulatory texts, judgments, books and articles on European competition law. The Sourcebook on EU Competition Law brings some order to this subject. It combines the advantages of a practical one-volume overview of the law as it stands with an extensive bibliography which puts the reader on the right track towards in-depth research. The Sourcebook on EU Competition Law offers: (a) a full-text collection of EU documents on competition law: core Articles of the post-Lisbon Treaties, relevant Protocols, secondary legislation, Commission notices and communications; (b) excerpts of relevant judgments of the General Court and the European Court of Justice; (c) an extensive bibliography with books, articles and overviews of case law in several EU languages; and (d) notification forms, brought together in a separate section for easy reference. The Sourcebook on EU Competition Law covers all areas of competition law: restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position, merger control, state aid and services of general economic interest. The book’s structure allows the reader to distinguish easily between the essential provisions and the implementing measures.
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