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Bog Tender
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Bog Tender
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Brindle & Glass
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ISBN-13: 9781927366103
<p>A tribute to nature’s influence on the creative process, <i>Bog Tender</i> is a stunning memoir that explores nature and the act of writing, and where the two intersect. Accomplished fiction author George Szanto lives and writes on a bog that cuts his property in two. Rather than filling in the wetland, he has embraced it as a site of inspiration. Pieced together in 12 chapters&#8212;one for each month of the year&#8212;this enchanting narrative explores how Szanto’s writing process is affected by the bog’s transformations throughout the seasons. Through each chapter, the author searches for the moments of greatest consequence to him, from his parents’ escape from Hitler’s Vienna to his time spent studying in Germany, and from meeting his future wife and becoming a parent, to his adventures in Mexico.</p><p>Set in a place where city is left behind for rural space, <i>Bog Tender</i> is about home and the intricate connections that evolve under and above the water.</p>
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