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Island Kids
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Island Kids
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ISBN-13: 9781926972657
<p>This is a history of British Columbia’s island children, told in their voices, from their perspectives. Composed of twenty-two stories, <i>Island Kids</i> is a snapshot of a period and place in time. The topics range from quintessentially coastal experiences, like a day at the beach, to stories that deal with serious issues, such as BC’s history of residential schools, but they all remain true to the experience of the children telling the story. At the end of each chapter is a section called “What do we know for sure?” that gives the reader greater depth and context. The stories are written in a dynamic and authentic voice and are aimed at readers aged eight to twelve.</p>

<p>Unlike history that has either been fictionalized or told from an adult’s perspective, the Courageous Kids series brings history to kids in their own words. Truly original, <i>Kidmonton</i>, <i>Rocky Mountain Kids</i>, and <i>Island Kids</i> strive to communicate the events and emotions of kids.</p>

<p>Please visit for more information on the whole Courageous Kids series.</p>
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