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Ghost Most Foul
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Ghost Most Foul
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ISBN-13: 9781550508215
Summer has just been made captain of her junior high school basketball team when her coach is ‘lost’ in a plane crash.

Returning to school, Summer discovers:

a) the most popular all-star player’s step-dad is now the coach, and he’s a jerk

b) the team’s already working hard to lump her in with the team ‘loser’, Dodie, and

c) she can see the woeful ghost of Coach Nola when she plays ball.

Although Dodie’s keen to help Summer work on the ghost problem – and turns out to be a quick thinker who’s good at getting out of trouble – Summer’s popularity is so fragile she can’t afford to be friends with her. The team ostracizes both of them, and the coach makes it worse by never allowing Dodie on court, even in practice! With a crappy coach and a broken team that refuses to acknowledge its captain, they begin their worst season ever.

Summer’s running out of ideas, and facing blocks at every play. If the ghost is trying to send energy through Summer to help the team, then Summer is failing her miserably.
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