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Every Happy Family
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Every Happy Family
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ISBN-13: 9781550507386
<p><b>Humorous and heartbreaking, wise and demented, <i>Every Happy Family</i> explores the colourful – and sometimes repurposed – fabric of the Wright family. The stories mark turning points in the lives of the individual family members, as well as in their relationships with each other. </b></p><p><p>Married parents Jill and Les are the warp of the Wright family tapestry - Jill beginning to lose her mother to Alzheimer's, Les diagnosed with a cancer he initially keeps secret from their children. Each family member's thread unravels from the others, as older son Quinn finds a dangerous way to combat shyness, younger son Beau seeks success and closure at boarding school, and adopted daughter Pema explores her roots.</p><p>But past and present weave back together and towards the future, as everyone is called home for Les's "life celebration" - his "living wake". Alone and together, the Wrights crash along, unable to give up on themselves or each other...hard as they might try.</p>
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