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Exposure to Psychotropic Medications and Other Substances during Pregnancy and Lactation
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Exposure to Psychotropic Medications and Other Substances during Pregnancy and Lactation
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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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ISBN-13: 9780888685995
<p>A great deal of misinformation exists about women’s use of substances during pregnancy and lactation. A health care provider’s challenge is to know the true risks and bene?ts, both to the mother and to her fetus or baby, of taking versus stopping the use of a medication or other substance. Yet the average provider is not well equipped to give the best advice to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and exposed to psychotropics.</p>


<li>• “Is it ever safe to drink alcohol when breastfeeding?”</li>

<li>• “What are the risks to the baby if the mother uses cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding?”</li>

<li>• “Are the effects of smoking different during pregnancy versus during breastfeeding?”</li>

<li>• “If a woman stops taking an antidepressant when she</li>

<li>• “Can a woman safely breastfeed her baby when taking codeine?”</li>


<p><em>Exposure to Psychotropic Medications and Other Substances during Pregnancy and Lactation: A Handbook for Health Care Providers</em> is a convenient source of evidence­-based information and recommen­dations on these and many other questions for primary care physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, obstetricians, midwives, public health nurses and nurse practitioners.</p>

<p>The handbook:</p>


<li>• details the properties and effects of many psychotropic medications and other substances, and provides rec­ommendations for how to advise women using these substances</li>

<li>• dispels common myths about drug exposure during pregnancy and lactation</li>

<li>• discusses key principles for clinical approaches to working with pregnant or breastfeeding women who use psychotropic medications or other substances</li>

<li>• covers screening best practices and provides screening tools</li>

<li>• explores the critical therapeutic role that all health professionals can play in helping women move toward better health outcomes for themselves and their babies.</li>


<p>The production of this handbook has been made possible through a ?nancial contribution from Health Canada.</p>
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