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Growing Up Resilient
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Growing Up Resilient
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Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
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ISBN-13: 9780888685926
<p>Resilience is an important aspect of mental well-being. Tatyana Barankin and Nazilla Khanlou draw from the latest research and theoretical developments on resilience in children and youth and present it in a way that is relevant for a diverse audience, including parents, educators, health care providers, daycare workers, coaches, social service providers, policy makers and others. Among the unique contributions of this book is that the authors consider the development of resilience at three levels. <em>Growing Up Resilient</em> explores the individual, family and environmental risk and protective factors that affect young people’s resilience: </p>


<li>individual factors: temperament, learning strengths, feelings and emotions, self-concept, ways of thinking, adaptive skills, social skills and physical health</li>

<li>family factors: attachment, communication, family structure, parent relations, parenting style, sibling relations, parents’ health and support outside the family</li>

<li>environmental factors: inclusion (gender, culture), social conditions (socio-economic situation, media influences), access (education, health) and involvement.</li>


<p>Tips on how to build resilience in children and youth follow each section.</p>

<p>The ability for children and youth to bounce back from today’s stresses is one of the best life skills they can develop. <em>Growing Up Resilient</em> is a must-read for adults who want to increase resilience in the children and youth in their lives.</p>
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