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Just What the Doctor Ordered
Just What the Doctor Ordered
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Take the inside track to medical school with expert advice from a specialist.

Getting into medical school in Canada isn’t easy—you need to stand out among a field of highly motivated and accomplished applicants. In fact, most applicants aren’t successful the first time they apply. Christine Fader was an application reviewer and interviewer at a Canadian medical school for eight years and has worked as a career counsellor at Queen’s University and in private practice for 20 years. After helping thousands of students through the medical-school application and interview process, she has a wealth of insight about what helps to elevate an applicant’s chances and what doesn’t. In Just What the Doctor Ordered, she shares her secrets, including:

- Starting to prepare for future medical school applications while still in high school can set you up for success—and needn’t be stressful.

- Good grades aren’t enough! Learn what experience you need—and how to describe it—to gain an edge.

- Take a smart approach to the MCAT and CASPer by knowing the keys to preparation.

Make your application shine with examples and tips on the essay and short-answer sections.

- Ace your interview with strategies to help you prepare for the types of questions interviewers ask. Learn from stories about other applicants, just like you!

Whether you’re a high school student laying the groundwork for a career in medicine or a university student working on med school applications now, Christine shows you how to maximize your chances of getting accepted to a Canadian medical school. Includes help for parents, too!