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"Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye"
"Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye"
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ISBN-13: 9781480437784
<DIV><B>This classic <I>New York Times </I>bestseller is an illuminating portrait of JFK&mdash;from his thrilling rise to his tragic fall&mdash;by two of the men who knew him best.</B><BR /><BR /> As a politician, John Fitzgerald Kennedy crafted a persona that fascinated and inspired millions&mdash;and left an outsize legacy in the wake of his murder on November 22, 1963. But only a select few were privy to the complicated man behind the Camelot image.<BR /> &#160;<BR /> Two such confidants were Kenneth P. O&rsquo;Donnell, Kennedy&rsquo;s top political aide, and David F. Powers, a special assistant in the White House. They were among the president&rsquo;s closest friends, part of an exclusive inner circle that came to be known as the &ldquo;Irish Mafia.&rdquo; In <I>Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye</I>, O&rsquo;Donnell and Powers share memories of Kennedy, his extraordinary political career, and his iconic family&mdash;memories that could come only from intimate access to the man himself.<BR /> &#160;<BR /> As they recount the full scope of Kennedy&rsquo;s journey&mdash;from his charismatic first campaign for Congress to his rapid rise to national standing, culminating on that haunting day in Dallas&mdash;O&rsquo;Donnell and Powers lay bare the inner workings of a leader who is cherished and mourned to this day, in a memoir that spent over five months on the <I>New York Times</I> bestseller list.<BR /> &#160;</DIV>