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Vancouver Kids
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Vancouver Kids
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Brindle & Glass
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ISBN-13: 9781897142615
<p>Children and teenagers stroll between the skyscrapers in Vancouver, and experience the city in a different way that adults do. They have helped Vancouver transform from humble trading post to towering metropolis, yet how often are they asked to tell their side of the story? Vancouver Kids is a collection of tales about the unforgettable young people of the city of Vancouver. Based on personal interviews and thorough archival research, each true story is narrated in the voice of a young Vancouverite. Join in the adventure as these kids dodge the first cars on newly paved streets, watch the famous Stanley Park take shape, gaze up at brand new high-rises, and even learn the secrets—and dangers—behind big city crime. </p>

<p><i>Vancouver Kids</i> arrives just in time to celebrate the 125th birthday of the city of Vancouver on April 6th, 2011. It is the fifth book in the Courageous Kids series, which includes <i>Kidmonton: Stories of River City Kids</i>, <i>Rocky Mountain Kids</i>, <i>Island Kids</i>, and <i>Northern Kids</i>. For more about this exciting series, please visit <p>
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