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A Fine Passage
A Fine Passage
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House of Anansi Press Inc
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ISBN-13: 9781770896277
<p>In this extraordinary sequel to <em>Just Fine</em>, we follow many of the same characters who dreamt of escape from the insular, predictable cadences of life in Acadia -- from Baltimore to Israel, San Francisco to Denmark, Moncton to Paris -- in exploration of their newly gained freedom.</p>

<p>Whereas <em>Just Fine</em> had as its central element water, rivers, deltas, springs, and movement from inner landscapes to the sea and open spaces, A Fine Passage has as its central element air, wind, planes, music, and voices from around the world, underscoring the ideas of liberty and sensuality that motivate the book.Terry and Carmen fly to France, and Hans criss-crosses the world with his unfinished Bruegel jigsaw puzzles and his diamonds in tow. New characters are introduced: Claudia, a young and wonderfully independent and confident girl who is asked to post a curious letter for a stranger she's met in the airport; the Woman Who Smokes Only in Public and loves a man who throws out his handkerchiefs on Thursdays; the Man Who Didn't Seem to Be Reading and can't decide where to settle down; and a rabbi or pope who shares his wisdom and unique spirituality with his fellow air travellers.</p>

<p><em>A Fine Passage</em> is the second work in the trilogy which also includes <em>Just Fine</em> and <em>Life's Little Difficulties</em>.</p>