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ISBN-13: 9781770895621
<p><em>Atonement</em> is Sheila Fischman's translation of Gaetan Soucy's brilliant novel, originally published in French as <em>L'Acquittement</em>.</p> <p>Twenty years after leaving the tiny village of Saint Aldor, Louis Bapaume has come home to make amends. During that one blustery winter solstice day, between the railway station and the church where a funeral mass is underway, he meets old villagers, forgotten neighbours, and characters who are either imagined or real. But there's only one person he seeks: the von Croft twin he taught to read music and to whom he wants to atone.</p> <p>Soucy creates a world where nothing is left to chance and the line between dream and reality is always shifting.</p>
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