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The lognormality principle and its applications in e-security
The lognormality principle and its applications in e-security
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ISBN-13: 9789811226823
ISBN-10: 9811226822
This compendium provides a detailed account of the lognormality principle characterizing the human motor behavior by summarizing a sound theoretical framework for modeling such a behavior, introducing the most recent algorithms for extracting the lognormal components of complex movements in 2, 2.5 and 3 dimensions. It also vividly reports the most advanced applications to handwriting analysis and recognition, signature and writer verification, gesture recognition and calligraphy generation, evaluation of motor skills, improvement/degradation with aging, handwriting learning, education and developmental deficits, prescreening of children with ADHD (Attention Development and Hyperactivity Disorder), monitoring of concussion recovery, diagnosis and monitoring of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases and aging effects in speech and handwriting.The volume provides a unique and useful source of references on the lognormality principle, an update on the most recent advances and an outlook at the most promising future developments in e-Security, e-Learning and e-Health.