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Rocky Mountain Kids
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Rocky Mountain Kids
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ISBN-13: 9781926972770
<p>With careful research and imagination, author Linda Goyette has created a collection of 25 stories based on the true stories of named children of the past and present.</p>

<p>Too often the youngest Canadians are erased from our historical memory. <i>Rocky Mountain Kids</i> provides first-person creative non-fiction narratives from the region's children, many of whom went on to be influential adults. In the style of its successful predecessor, <i>Kidmonton</i>, these are lively and entertaining stories, but they don't flinch in their description of hardship and heroism. Balanced and well-researched, Goyette writes of First Nations, Métis, immigrant and settler children as well as contemporary kids of the Rockies, with informative postscript to help readers distinguish between the fact and the fiction. Against the timeless backdrop of the Rockies, we can all embrace a sense of childhood wonder.</p>

<p>Please visit for more information on the whole Courageous Kids series.</p>
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